COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments Available!  Jackson County is partnering with the State of Illinois and Illinois National Guard to expand vaccination opportunities.

Who Can Make an Appointment: Any Illinois resident who is eligible under Phase 1a or Phase 1b of the State vaccination plan, including anyone age 65 and older. The phases are detailed in the State Mass Vaccination Plan at  Ineligible persons will be turned away at the clinic. Starting this week the expanded Phase 1b, which includes those ages 16-64 with certain underlying medical conditions can schedule an appt. People with self certify they are eligible and you do not need to provide documentation at the vaccination clinic. 

How to Make an Appointment: Preferred Method – Use the links below to schedule online.  Other Method: Call your local health department for assistance. Jackson County residents can call 618/684-3143.

Vaccines offered at these clinics are determined based on vaccine availability at the time. The day of the clinic the vaccine option could be one of the following vaccines: Moderna - 2 doses - 28 days apart (Ages 18 & over), Pfizer - 2 doses - 21 days apart (Ages 16 & over) or Johnson & Johnson - 1 dose (Ages 18 & over).  For more information on the vaccine being offered follow Jackson County Health Department facebook & twitter or call 684-3143 to verify what is being offered on the day of the clinic. 

Carbondale Civic Center, 200 S Illinois Ave, Cdale - Schedule 1st Dose Appt       

SIUC Banterra Center/Arena, 1490 Douglas Drive - Schedule 1st  Dose Appt                      

More clinic appointments will be posted soon, please check back!