Public water systems are tested regularly for a variety of contaminants.However, if you have a private well, regular testing is your responsibility. Inspecting your well regularly and doing improvements as needed, such as fixing a crack in a casing, are important steps in keeping your well water safe.

JCHD will test water from newly installed private residential wells for coliform bateria and nitrates/nitrites for no charge.  Water samples collected from all other residential wells will only be tested for coliform bateria for no charge (fee for nitrate/nitrite testing). Samples must be taken by health department personnel.

If you are concerned about the potential impact of high volume hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") on your well, you might consider having a private lab conduct baseline testing of your well water. Click here for a list of labs which perform water testing. To find out more about such testing, visit

For more information or to get your private water well tested, please call 618-684-3143, extension 128.