Jackson County Community Health Improvement Plan (2020-2024)

Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition (JCHCC) and the local community ‘Action Teams’ collaborated with Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) to develop this 5-year community health improvement plan. Through provided health data, needs assessment, community surveys, and stakeholder input three county-specific health priorities were identified and defined. Next ‘Action Teams’ helped to set objectives, risk factors, interventions, and resources to address each priority over the next five years. Each priority has been linked to several Healthy People 2020 objectives, as well as targeted objectives specific to Jackson County, IL. This health improvement plan will outline the three health problem(s), outcome and process objectives, intervention strategies, funding needed, and evaluation methods. Listed below are the three key health priorities and how the community will impact each.

I. Address Behavioral Health including mental health and substance abuse

Increase access to mental health services by:

• Reducing community stigma around mental health.

• Increase the network of trained professionals to screen, refer, and also provide direct care for mental health issues.

• Improving community recognition of at-risk individuals, and implement action response.

Decrease substance abuse in the community by:

• Improving access to mental health and substance abuse services through a coordinated network.

• Increasing the public awareness of available substance-use interventions, including how to access care for an individual needing intervention, or needing emergency medical response.

• Increasing general substance-use awareness, knowledge of storage and disposal of medication, and alternative problem-solving programs.

II. Impact Cardiovascular Health including heart disease, stroke, nutrition, physical activity and obesity

Improve community nutrition, physical activity, and wellness by:

• Promoting healthy eating through school, worksite and community programming.

• Promoting physical activity through school, worksite and community programming.

• Advocating for active transportation policies and improved built environment opportunities.

• Educating public about recommended National guidelines, and recommended screenings.

Decrease community cardiovascular health risks and stroke events by:

• Enforcing smoke-free environments, and referring tobacco users to cessation services.

• Educating about recommended cardiovascular health screenings and where to be screened.

• Educating about signs, symptoms, and emergency response for cardiovascular and stroke events.

III. Improve Access to Care including availability of services

Improve the community care network by:

• Increasing access to affordable quality services, improving equity, and removing barriers.

• Supporting coordination, prioritizing community needs, updating technology, and eliminating redundancy.

• Ensuring ongoing preventative care, quality health education, and community-wide awareness.

For more information about the community health improvement plan, contact Jackson County Health Department at 618-684-3143, ext. 134 or 133.

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