Communicable Disease Reporting Administrative Code

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IDPH Communicable Disease Surveillance Changes for 2019

IDPH Communicable Diseases that are no longer reportable effective January 1, 2019

2018-2019 Flu Activity Report

Diseases can be reported electronically through the Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (INEDSS).

Communicable Disease Alerts/Updates 

Measles awareness update 4/17/2019

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (and other tickborne diseases)

IDPH Request for Human Arbovirus Panel 


Guidance for Health Care Providers Caring for Pregnant Women

Updated Zika Travel Guidance

IDPH Memo on Zika - Updated Testing Recommendations.

The Maternal Screening Questions form and the Screening Tool for Pediatric Healthcare Providers are complementary tools. 

The Maternal Screening Questions form can be used at the initial evaluation visit and should be completed by the mother of the infant to collect information about possible Zika exposure and tests during pregnancy.

The Screening Tool for Pediatric Healthcare Providers should be used by providers to evaluate the mother's responses to the screening questions. After evaluating the responses, the provider should inform the mother or family if congenital Zika exposure is suspected and if additional infant tests are needed.

The Clinical Summary form should be completed by providers for infants who either have clinical findings consistent with congenital Zika syndrome or infants who are born to a mother with lab evidence of possible Zika virus infection during pregnancy.

This form can facilitate communication about possible Zika exposure during pregnancy from an Obstetrics provider to a Pediatric provider. Obstetrics providers can fill out the maternal information and send the form to the Pediatric provider who will receive the infant for follow-up care.

All of these tools can be found on the Zika and Pregnancy Factsheets webpage.

Testing Algorithm

Symptomatic Pregnant Women

Asymptomatic Pregnant Women

Symptomatic Non Pregnant Individuals

Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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