~This site contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences~

Funding provided in whole or part by Illinois Department of Public Health.


Located at Jackson County Health Department. SIHCC offers case managment to help you navigate systems of care and resources, medication assistance, medical appointments, dental services, mental health and substance mis-use referrals, emergency food and nutritional supplements, utility and rental assistance. All services are dependent on eligiblty and funding.

Are you HIV+ and in need of assistance?

Are you HIV negative and interested in finding out more about PrEP?

Are you a current client who needs forms and/or resources?

Do you need information on how to receive a STI testing including HIV test and ways to stay safe?

Are you a provider or community partner who would like to provide services to HIV+ clients, learn more about our services, HIV Care and/or Prevention, or PrEP and has training needs or questions?

Would you like to volunteer to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS?