Tips and Resources

How do I contact Jackson County Health Department to receive more information about breastfeeding?

Why should I breastfeed my baby?

Where can I get more information about breastfeeding and medications?

What are some signs that my baby is getting the right amount of milk?

As a WIC mom, what other resources are available through Jackson County Health Department to support breastfeeding?

What resources are available in the community to support breastfeeding?

Employer and Legal Support for Breastfeeding

How can employers and workplaces offer breastfeeding support to their employees and patrons?

What laws are in place to protect breastfeeding mothers?

JCHD welcomes all breastfeeding moms and babies by providing a lactation room/nursery. JCHD received a silver award from the State Breastfeeding Task Force for providing lactation rooms for clients and employees to pump or breastfeed in privacy.

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