Recommendations for occupations:

  • Veterinarians, vet-techs, animal control officers, and biologists studying bats and small mammals (like skunks) should be vaccinated against rabies.
    • Laboratory personnel who perform rabies testing should also be vaccinated.
    • Students studying to be in one of the above occupations should receive a rabies pre-exposure vaccine.
  • Recommendations for travelers:
    • Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is recommended for some travelers to countries/areas at increased risk.
    • Spelunkers and/or people taking part in activities that could lead to increased likelihood of exposure to rabid animals should also receive the rabies pre-exposure vaccine.
  • The rabies vaccine consists of three injections. These vaccinated persons should have their rabies titers tested every two years. If their titer falls below 1:5, they should receive a booster vaccination. A person already vaccinated and later exposed to rabies must receive two booster injections, three days apart, immediately after exposure.
  • Contact your medical provider to arrange pre-exposure vaccination.