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What is Zika virus and should I be concerned?

View the CDC's Zika FAQ and What You Need to Know pages, and this CDC fact sheet about the basics of Zika.

 What are the health impacts of Zika?

View the CDC’s Health Effects & Risks of Zika page for more information.

 How can the spread of Zika virus be prevented?

Visit the CDC’s Zika Prevention page for details on how to prevent the spread of Zika virus.

 Which countries are significantly impacted by Zika and/or have travel notices?

Visit CDC’s Zika travel information page to learn which countries have been significantly impacted by Zika.  For information on Zika within the United States, view this page.

 How do you prepare yourself for travel to a Zika-impacted country?

Visit the CDC’s Plan for Travel page, and view the following CDC infographics: Enjoy Your Vacation and Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers.  If you are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, and plan to travel, please visit the CDC’s page on Zika and Pregnancy


For physicians: How do we submit specimens for lab analysis?