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Reducing Household Waste

Tips on reducing household waste

  • Buy products in bulk or with less packaging.
  • Compost. This will provide a free boost to your garden and reduce waste.
  • Choose reusable containers
    • Instead of plastic baggies, use plastic or glass containers with lids.
    • Invest in reusable cloth bags to use when grocery shopping.
  • Give away large items
    • Donate or sell large items (furniture, appliances) that others could use instead of sending them to the landfill.
  • Recycle. Keep items out of the waste stream and give them a new purpose.
    • Choose items with recyclable containers and with containers made from materials with recycled content.
    • Reuse old toothbrushes to clean tiles, shoes, etc.
    • Reuse glass jars to store nails, screws, or craft supplies in the garage or sewing room.
    • Instead of paper or plastic, use ceramic mugs, cloth napkins or towels, ceramic plates and silverware.
    • Give old clothes to charities or turn into cleaning rags.
    • Cut old milk jugs in half to use as planters or bird feeders.
  • Rent or borrow seldom used equipment.





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