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Food and Food Regulations


Public Questions and Concerns

Where can I get information on the New Food Code?

What do the scores on food inspection reports mean?

Where can I find food establishment inspection reports?

Where can I file a complaint about a food service?

What is foodborne illness (sometimes called “food poisoning”)?

How do I report a suspected case of foodborne illness?

Have there been any recent food recalls?

Where can I find information on selling food at farmers’ markets?

How can teachers and students find more information on food safety?

Temporary Food Permits

What events require a temporary food permit?

Where can I get the temporary food guidelines and permit application and how much does it cost?

Business Owners

How can I apply for a food permit?

What are the minimum requirements for a mobile food service, "food truck"?

What information is available to assist in planning a new food service business?

Where can I find the Illinois Food Code and the FDA Food Code?

     Where can I find the Jackson County Food Service Ordinance?

Where can I find the Bed and Breakfast Ordinance?

Are home kitchen operations allowed in Jackson County?

What should a food service do in case of a boil water alert?

Food Service Training

What are the requirements to be a Certified Food Protection Manager and how do I get training?

What is the difference between food handler training and a food protection manager certificate?

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